Ampleforth Centre for Theology and Spirituality Hong Kong Limited.

Registered Charity No. 91/13579

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Ampleforth Centre for Theology and Spirituality

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ACTS Hong Kong is a charity established in October 2014, to bring the Catholic teaching expertise of Ampleforth College to Hong Kong.  It is an exciting new initiative for English-speaking community within the diocese, under the spiritual direction of the Senior Chaplain of Ampleforth College, Fr. Chad Boulton OSB, and overseen by the Most Reverend Joseph Ha Chi Shing Aux. Bishop of Hong Kong.


The lay directors are working collaboratively with Ampleforth College to deliver outstanding courses in Christian Theology in the Roman Catholic tradition, and exercises in Benedictine Spirituality.  


The mission of ACTS Hong Kong is Catholic faith formation for all those who seek God, which is both academic and experiential, inspired by the Benedictine monastic principles of attentiveness to God, open hospitality, inner stability and a strong sense of community. 



Ampleforth College

Our search for an innovative solution to the challenge of teaching young Catholics about their faith, has led us to be in association with a renowned independent school. As the foremost independent Catholic secondary school in the United Kingdom, Ampleforth College has over 220 years’ experience teaching Catholic teenagers. 


Ampleforth College is run under the auspices of the Benedictine Monastic Community of the Abbey of St. Laurence, just outside Ampleforth village in North Yorkshire.  It is home to 70 monks and one of the largest monastic communities in Europe.  There are currently around 600 girls and boys from 13 to 18 years old studying at the College.



Benedictine Principles

The Monks of Ampleforth Abbey live their lives according to the Rule of St. Benedict, and ensure that Benedictine principles are central to the school and community. The Directors of ACTS Hong Kong have identified certain characteristics of the Benedictine tradition, which are applicable to the unique circumstances of our lay community here in Hong Kong; these are the principles of attentiveness, hospitality, stability and community.


Attentiveness to God

We guide all our guests towards a deeper attentiveness to God, through prayer, prayerful study of the scriptures, Lectio Divina and the ancient tradition of Christian contemplation.


Hospitality in the Benedictine Tradition

We aim to provide an atmosphere of acceptance to all who come through our doors. We listen to each person’s point of view and encourage free thinking and open debate.


A Stable and Enduring Environment

Life is in constant motion, with instability constantly being thrust upon us. We aim to help people stay true by enhancing and re-enforcing their trust and opening a more direct relationship with God.


A Lifelong Community

We seek to establish a dynamic and committed community of international Catholics and volunteers for our students. We aim to establish a lifelong connection, and to support the spiritual growth of each individual.