Ampleforth Centre for Theology and Spirituality Hong Kong Limited.

Registered Charity No. 91/13579

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Ampleforth Centre for Theology and Spirituality



ACTS Hong Kong offers events for Catholics to explore the faith in an atmosphere of acceptance and open hospitality.   


All attendees should be proficient English-speakers.

Lenten Events with Fr Chad Boulton OSB

Spiritual Director of ACTS Hong Kong and Senior Chaplain of Ampleforth College

Lenten Visit to Trappist Monastery

(Our Lady of Joy Abbey )


Saturday, 25 March 2017 – 11:00am to 5:45pm

Our Lady of Joy Abbey, Lantau Island

(pick up at  Aberdeen Ocean Court Pier at 11:00am, lunch on boat, return boat trip is included)


With so many distractions and with such busy lives, how can we learn to focus on what is really important?  Fr Chad will lead a time of reflection, discussion and prayer, focussing on the Lenten theme of sacrifice and renewal and the monastic tradition of  "ora & labora".  Mass will be celebrated at the Chapel of Our Lady of Joy Abbey. 

Admission by registration

  Fee $50 

Donation is welcome


Lenten Reflection


Sunday, 26 March 2017 – 5:00 to 8:30pm

The Clarks' garden, Sai Kung

(pick up at Hang Hau MTR Station, return transportation by coach is included)

We will hear a lenten reflection by Fr Chad Boulton, and have an opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, followed by a candlelight alfresco Mass and a potluck dinner.

The whole family is welcome. 

Admission by registration

 Transportation fee $50 

Donation is welcome

Prayerful Reading of Scripture with Benedictine Monk Fr Chad Boulton OSB - An introduction to Lectio Divina 


Monday, 27 March 2017 – 8:00 to 9:30pm

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church | 1 Star Street, Wanchai


Lectio divina is an ancient gift to the entire Church, and has always been highly valued by monks, forming an important part of Benedictine tradition and spirituality.  Fr Chad will present an introduction to lectio divina and lead the participants to practice the meditative reading of sacred scripture.

Admission by registration

 Free Admission

Donation is welcome

ACTS of Faith Series

ACTS of Faith is a series of events to enable participants to explore global issues through the eyes of our faith, and consider key questions like:

What are we doing to the earth and its resources? 

What does Pope Francis tell us about looking after our 'common home'?  

What are the root causes of poverty, and how should a Catholic respond?

How can we treat people fairly in an unfair market?


Participants will be guided through discussion of these topics by experienced contributors, friends of ACTS Hong Kong, who can offer insightful perspectives on the issues; they will be challenged to express their opinions in the light of carefully considered moral values; and each lesson will include a time of prayerful reflection in the Benedictine tradition. 

Facilitator: Mrs Carla Basto Clark


  • The Environment and Our Relationship with It by Mr Markus Shaw

  • Wealth and Poverty by Mr Peter Maize

  • Fair Trade and Business Ethics by Mr Joe Rocco


Date and venue: to be confirmed

Admission by registration

 Free Admission

Donation is welcome


Benedictine Spirituality by Fr Wulstan Peterburs OSB

Saturday, 16 September 2017 – 12pm to 3pm

Venue: to be confirmed

Fr Wulstan Peterburs OSB

Fr Wulstan holds both a BA and a PhD in Theology from the University of Durham. After teaching in Ampleforth College for 15 years, where at different times he served as Head of Christian Theology and a Housemaster, Fr Wulstan has been the Procurator of Ampleforth Abbey since 2010 who is responsible for the administration and temporal assets of the Abbey in its various works. He ha been appointed as Headmaster from September 2016.

For Adults

Lunch is served after presentation

Admission By Registration

Free of Charge, Donation is Welcome