Ampleforth Centre for Theology and Spirituality Hong Kong Limited.

Registered Charity No. 91/13579

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Ampleforth Centre for Theology and Spirituality

Our Mission


The mission of ACTS Hong Kong is high quality Catholic faith formation for all those who seek God, which is both academic and experiential, inspired by Benedictine monastic principles.  We guide all our guests towards a deeper attentiveness to God.


We offer events and retreats, which encourage participants to dive deeper into their own journey of faith, so that they can more effectively articulate the faith to the next generation.


We aim to provide a welcome worthy of Christ for each of our guests, to invite them deeper into their search for God. Hospitality is central to the Benedictine tradition, and we aim to provide an atmosphere of acceptance, by listening to each person’s point of view even if they conflict with another’s, and by encouraging free thinking and open debate.

We aim to build a dynamic lay community who will inspire, support and learn from each other with a focus on sharing in the search for God, and a common yearning for fullness of life in Christ.  We aim to foster a desire for continuous, lifelong exploration of faith.

We aim to establish a strong connection to the international Benedictine community  of Ampleforth to share and support the spiritual growth of each individual.