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Roman Catholic Ethics


An exploration of how we choose what we do or don't do, and how that reflects our values, principles, attitudes and beliefs.  Making moral decisions is not simply about how we deal with issues, but  how we live our lives, and the kind of person we become.


ACTS Hong Kong is preparing to welcome young people and adults to explore the Ethics course of Ampleforth College, in an atmosphere of hospitality and open debate.



How should a Catholic see the death penalty?

Why are women not allowed to be priests?

Is it possible to 'make poverty history'?

How might a prenuptial agreement affect my marriage vows?

What has God got to do with me?

What does a priest promise to do for life?

Why do nuns and priests choose to be celibate?

When does an unborn baby become a human with rights?

When can war ever be justified?

What is a mercy killing?

What is so special about 


How is my sexuality anyone else's business?